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  • Ferrari Ranch is a master-planned, 160-acre, commercial, retail, regional medical center/office and sports complex project.  The retail commercial component includes a life-style shopping center, theater complex, hotel, a stand-alone big-box retailer and other convenience retail users.  The regional medical center includes a hospital site and supporting medical offices.  The conceptual sports complex includes soccer and baseball fields.


  • Ferrari Ranch is located in Atwater, Merced County, at Highway 99 and the new Atwater-Merced Expressway Interchange.


  • Ferrari Ranch, because of its strategic location, is designed to be the focal point for meeting region-wide retail, commercial and medical service needs.


  • Ferrari Ranch, its plan and its environmental impacts, are being analyzed by the required local, state and federal agencies.  Major project approvals will be made by the City of Atwater and should be completed by 2016.  Infrastructure is expected to begin in 2017 or earlier.  Noticed public hearings at the planning commission and city council will precede all project approvals.   Project approvals include certification of an environmental impact report, a general plan amendment, prezoning, approval of a planned development master plan, a commercial subdivision map. Following these approvals, Merced LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) will hold a noticed public hearing on the area’s annexation to the city.


  • Ferrari Ranch is part of a larger, 336-acre area identified by the City of Atwater to be annexed to the city as a major component of its planned growth strategy.  This area is also the site of the first phase of planned Atwater-Merced Expressway linking Highweay 99 to U.C. Merced.  This phase, the interchange, as well as the extension of Green Sands Avenue between Buhach and Gurr Roads, is nearing completion.  The larger area includes the existing Station-Manchester residential neighborhood, existing commercial uses along the adjacent Broadway frontage and the area between Buhach and Canal Creek, also known as the Flea Market location.


  • ECONOMIC IMPACT: Ferrari Ranch is estimated to provide approximately $3.2 million in net new revenue and support 7,700 jobs.



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